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Andrew Duncan's Angel Exhaust, Alison Croggon's Masthead, John Tranter's Jacket, Alexis Kirke's Brink, Joy Hendry's Chapman, The Drunken Boat, Flashpoint, Peter Philpott's Great Works, Douglas Clark's Lynx: Poetry from Bath, Coral Hull's Thylazine, Tim Love's PaP, Tony Frazer's Shearsman, Slope, George Summers' Snakeskin,Trevor Joyce's Sound Eye, Allen Fisher's Spanner, Jon Glover's Stand, Rupert Loydell's Stride, The Alsop Review, Terrible Work


Douglas Clark, Alison Croggon, Andrew Duncan, Chris Emery, Peter Finch, Matthew Francis, Peter Howard, Jill Jones, Alice Notley, Trevor Joyce, Jaan Kaplinski, Tim Love, Rupert Loydell, Drew Milne, Edwin Morgan,

Basil Bunting, Eric Mottram, W.S.Graham, John Kinsella

Resources, Lists, Etc

Poetryetc, Spencer Selby's List

Electronic Poetry Center Buffalo, The Poetry Society, Poetry Library,

Scottish Poetry Library:: Dublin Writers Workshop,

Poets of London, trAce, SubVerse, Subvoicive Poetry, British-poets, CCCP, UbuWeb, The Klinker,

Chadwyck-Healey's Literature Online, Perseus Digital Library

Ted Slade's The Poetry Kit, Little Magazines, Daniel Keene, Joy of Six

Small Presses

Roger Collett's Arrowhead Press, Keston Sutherland's Barque Press, Douglas Clark's Benjamin Press, Peter Larkin's Prest Roots, Wendy Mulford and Ken Edwards' Reality Street, John Kinsella's Salt Publishing, Rupert Loydell's Stride, John Cayley's The Wellsweep Press, Randolph Healy's Wild Honey Press

Tangential Leanings

Chris Lofting's I Ching Plus, Silence The John Cage Discussion List, Meister Eckhart Web

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Human Development
Ana Olinto
ebr10 --<Matthias
English words with uncommon properties - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The New York Review of Books - Home
Scientists Reaching Consensus On How Brain Processes Speech
Northern Earth - Online Issues


Fanny Howe : The Poetry Foundation
PennSound: Fanny Howe
Reality Street : home
I Hate Poetry : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation
Silliman's Blog
Samizdat Blog: David Bromige, R.I.P.
Bob Perelman Author Home Page
Lorine Niedecker Poetry Selections
Great Works: innovative writing: modernist / postmodernist / archaic
Jacket magazine homepage
The Poets - Poetry Archive
The Poetry of Henry Reed
Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland: Beatniks | William Burroughs, Wichita Vortex, Michael McClure, Bruce Connor, Lee Streiff, Allen Ginsberg, Joan Vollmer Burroughs, Timothy Leary: Photographs, Literature: Naked Lunch@50: Symposium George Laughead : Kansas Heritage Group
Welcome to poetryscotland.co.uk
Susan J. Barbour
BLONK ORGAN -Bibliotheque Bajazzo-
Online University Reviews : Top 100 Poetry Blogs
Codes and Chaos, Thomas Wiloch's official web site
Open Directory - Society: Religion and Spirituality: Divination: I Ching
Militant aesthetics
Penn sound: Bob Perelman
Light & Dust Anthology of Poetry -- An ongoing, pluralistic anthology of contemporary poetry, which includes complete out of print books, sub-sites for authors, genres, issues, and interchanges with poets in other countries.
PennSound: Robert Grenier
ACTION YES Online Quarterly
Robert Grenier EPC Author Page
eDIL - Irish Language Dictionary
Ollamhs (Ollaves) and Irish Men of Learning
Freebase Accordion
Robert Sheppard: Elsewhere and Everywhere..other new (British) poetries
HUMUMENT.COM - The Official Site of A HUMUMENT by Tom Phillips
Welcome to Meltzerville: David Meltzer's Website
Tom Phillips Exhibitions & Events
Tyler, A History of American Literature. Ch. X.
Vertical readings of Herbert's The Temple - TLS Highlights - Times Online
Electronic Poetry Center Author Home Page Library
Poems and Poetics
The Joe Milford Poetry Show


Dartmouth Dante Project
The Princeton Dante Project (2.0)
ILTweb Digital Dante
Digital Dante Project - ILT
The World of Dante

Occitan poetry


The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
Caxton's Chaucer - view the original Canterbury Tales


Beowulf on Steorarume (Beowulf in Cyberspace) - Opening Page
Beowulf - page 1

George Messo's Blog
Henrician Proclamation (1538)


Gregory of Nyssa
Olivier L. Clément - The Glory of God Hidden in His Creatures
Common Worship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Morning and Evening Prayer: Contents
The Date of Easter and Accompanying Festivals
The Anglo-Saxon Bible at Wordhord.org

Leicester Secular Society
WordPress.com » Get a Free Blog Here
Can Flarf Ever Be Taken Seriously? | Poets & Writers
duration press-takashi
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Scribd Support Desk
Ship of Fools
SurLaLune Fairy Tales: A Study of Fairy Tales by Laura Kready
Readers' Guide - Index
Poets' Corner - Index of Poets - Letters A, B
Main Page - Gutenberg
Amnesty International - working to protect human rights worldwide
Birmingham History Forum
The English Companions Discussion Group | Home
Eunoia, Christian Bök
an eudæmonist
an eudæmonist : : About
Poetry (Argotist Online)


Chess Sport guardian.co.uk
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Constantine P. Cavafy
Creative Commons

I Ching

I Ching Plus
More I Ching websites
Wengu - Chinese Classics
Yijing Dao - Calling crane in the shade


Gennady Aygi, trans. Sarah Valentine, diode v1n3
History of English Prosody TOC
Masthead PEtc
New-Poetry Info Page
The Poetry Library About Us
The critical Villa essays in ... - Google Book Search
languagehat.com GENNADY AYGI.
waggish The Anathemata, David Jones

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NJPoets.com - Skylands Writers & Artists Assoc., Inc. - C.K. Williams
The Bible and Interpretation
The Bible and Interpretation
Ða Engliscan Gesiðas Home Page

New-Poetry Info Page

Poets' Home Pages

Writer Siobhan Logan
Tom Leonard - Glasgow, Scotland
ContinualeSong - the website of Michael Haslam
Maggie O'Sullivan
The True History of the Working Class
The Poetry Kit Home Page
Jaan Kaplinski


Complete Review - Welcome to the Complete Review
Julian Jaynes Society Exploring Consciousness and the Bicameral Mind Theory since 1997
Shoptalk Guardian Unlimited Books
Stanislaw Lem Dialogs
Stanislaw Lem on the Web
Summa Technologiae
The Official Website of Alasdair Gray
Literature East Midlands
Selected Works of Sir Thomas Browne
Poets' Corner - Portrait Gallery - Faces of the Poets
Crystal Clear Creators
David Caddy

My Links

Laurel and Hardy - The Official Website
Sally Festing's Blog
Turning the Pages™, the British Library
Goodreads | get book recommendations from people you know
The Times Literary Supplement (TLS) | Times Online


BlazeVOX [Books] Happy Thanksgiving
Brian Fewster's Website
Chicago Review
Dante Alighieri on the Web
Foame homepage
Lannan Foundation - Peter Reading History and Audio
Limestone Magazine - Home
Literature East Midlands
norton poets online multimedia paul celan
Painting Without Numbers
Paul Celan After The Disaster · Spike Magazine
pinko scum psychotope
Poetry London
Russell Edson - Poems, Biography, Quotes
Russell Edson An Interview by Mark Tursi
Terrible Work
The Poetry Kit Home Page
The World of Dante
Yevgeny Bonver Translations of Vladislav Khodasevich
Alexander Jorgensen


Scientific American
Leicester Mercury
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge
The Meister Eckhart Site - Works by Meister Eckhart, study material, on-line resources
WJ Burley
Nald - National Association for Literature Development
Early Christian Writings: New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Church Fathers
Quran (Koran) Translations in English by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Marmaduke Pickthall and M H Shakir by Religion - 
Margery Kempe
The Book of Margery Kempe


Earth History
The Oldest Color Photograph: 1872 - The oldest known color photograph: 1872 - Worldisround photo


Amazon.fr The Animal Subsides Livres en anglais David Bircumshaw
Arrowhead Press The Animal Subsides by David Bircumshaw
David Bircumshaw - Dissatisfactions with Verse
David Bircumshaw
Din-dins. David Bircumshaw
Eurozine - From Scotland to Suburbia A Landscape of Current ...
Famous Reporter # 25
fieralingue Poet's Corner - Fieralingue
Fulcrum Definition and Much More from Answers.com
Here Comes Everybody
Lester's Flogspot 08-01-2003 - 09-01-2003
Limestone Magazine - Site map
PoetryEtc Dream Project - David Bircumshaw
Quick Index to texts on Great Works site
The Animal Subsides - Independent Northern Publishers
UK Writers News
Ruby Street
P&E: Magazine Listings
Bircumshaw's poetry
The Cabinet of Dr Spectare

More Booksyness

Lulu.com - Self Publishing - Free
TheSpoof.com : Report Reveals All Poetry is Rubbish funny satire story
P&E: Book Publisher Listings
Anglo-Saxon Resouces
On the Trail of Jorge Luis Borges in Buenos Aires | The Daily Scare
Poetry Sz:demystifying mental illness
... BlazeVOX books ... featuring post avant poetry
John Ashbery, a poet for our times Stephen Burt TLS
Haikai, hokku, haiku
Zip Haiku
The Art of Haiku

Green Integer Books, Green Integer Review 6
Don't Start Me Talking: Interviews ... - Google Book Search
Blogger: Create your Blog Now -- FREE
About The Daily Scare | The Daily Scare
The Hyperlinked & Searchable Chambers' 1869 'The Book of Days'
History of Birmingham 1
The Poetry Society ((Volume 96 No 4) À La Recherche...)
billknott: April 20, 2008
Celtic Myth and Legend Index
Myswizard » The Lurianic Theory of Creation and Redemption
Qabala for Beginners
Arvon Foundation | Home
The Gate to Southwell Folk Festival running order
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Homer - Google Book Search
Learning Greek - 1
Nazim Hikmet
Poetry Daily
Fyodor Dostoevsky (Dostoyevsky) | Essays: Crime and Punishment, The Brothers Karamazov & more

gnostic liberation front
PN Review Online - Free Tour

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