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Edited by David Bircumshaw


Follow the links above (or here or below) to navigate the site: this section involves the modesties of introduction , the crowded second chiding is populated by Mark Weiss, Harriet Zinnes, Brian Fewster , Tim Allen , Dominic Fox , Robert Hampson ,Kent Johnson and Richard Dillon, while chiding three is inhabited by Patrick Herron, whereas the fourth belongs to Ian Davidson, the fifth chiding is a retrospective selection of the poetry of John Anderson, the sixth, in two parts, by Andrew Duncan and, last but most definitely not least, the seventh chiding is by Jill Jones.whereas thereafter there is an invasion of prose from Robin Hamilton, Alison Croggon and the editor. Finally, notes on contributors may be found in the Gallery while a further extension, A Chide's Eyes, will shortly contain certain reviews, although that page at present is awaiting spare parts.

(fur Sum)

An alternate assembly

Edited by David Bircumshaw

(copyright the authors, 2001)

Acknowledgements are due to various publications in which some of these poems have previously appeared


The point of this magazine is to gather together disparities, poetry that is outside conformity but not necessarily repeating the polar opposition of mainstream/avant-garde and all the other over repeated war-cry binaries.

For this second manifestation, I have chosen to open the gates to the broad swathes of prose but alongside it, in ragamuffin companionship, poetry too assails the proprieties of wide open space. So that the reader is still presented with the vexatious questionable fragile presence of poetry in its unprotected self.

Here endeth (introit) the foreambling prose.

David Bircumshaw




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Ian Davidson | Brian Fewster | Patrick Herron | Jill Jones |
Alison Croggon | David Bircumshaw | Dominic Fox | Robin Hamilton |
Tim Allen | Kent Johnson | Richard Dillon | Robert Hampson


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The magazine currently presented is about the equivalent of 40 A4 (UK) pp long. Most of the poetry and prose here is new, though some has been previously published, and anyone viewing the material is reminded that although it is free for personal use, the authors do assert their moral right to copyright.

A Chide's Alphabet (for Sum) is an international magazine of the latest poetry, issue 2 features Patrick Herron, Mark Weiss, Harriet Zinnes, Kent Johnson and Richard Dillon (USA) Alison Croggon , Jill Jones and John Anderson (Australia) Ian Davidson (Wales) Robin Hamilton (Scotland) and Andrew Duncan, Tim Allen, Robert Hampson, Brian Fewster, Dominic Fox and David Bircumshaw (England)

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